Enter Terror Firma, a chilling hidden world of supernatural horror concealed within the mundane where horrifying creatures, referred to collectively as deviants, manipulate and influence humanity, all the while keeping themselves obscured from the human masses. In plain sight, these creatures lurk, work, live and play secretly amongst humans all over the globe. There is much in this world that may seem familiar yet there are things that you most likely have not seen before. Enjoy Terror Firma’s original stories through supernatural horror books and other original fiction.


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Terror Firma was created by Alex Burton. He is a computing graduate from the North West of England who currently works as a Digital Marketing Assistant. Having finished university (those unfamiliar with the British education system should note that College and University are separate, and there is no middle school). He spent some time volunteering at two primary schools in his local area. Having received support in both primary and secondary school he wanted to give something back as it were. Terror Firma has its origins in his last year or so of high school but has come a long way since then. He worked on the setting alongside studying through college and university and he continues to work on the setting even as he writes stories set it because its a living breathing setting. Of note is how peculiar he finds it to refer to himself in the third person.



Where can I find Terror Firma stories?

Terror Firma stories can be found in novels, composite novels, short story collections and on YouTube. Check out the Discover section to find out more.

Is there Terror Firma merchandise avaliable?

Yes, there is merchandise avaliable from the store section!

Where can I purchase Terror Firma stories?

You can purchase Terror Firma from the store section!